Copy-Editing & Proofreading

Copy-editing is a complex process that aims to make your work more accessible to your readership. It checks grammar, language, layout and preparaton for typesetting. If you simply require Proofreading then I will identify and correct errors and typos in a document before it is circulated. The process also monitors consistency.

Indexing (incl) Embedded

This is a list of A-Z concepts and names at the rear of a book or shorter document. It is a skilled process which utilizes a combination of intellectual decision-making and specialist software. As many publishers, particularly of non-fiction, are adding the E-Book option to their catalogues, the need for embedded indexing is growing. This is a form of coding linking the index directly to a point in the text.

Graphic Design for publishing

For a range of related design services including Booklets, Magazines, Newsletters, Brochures or books, SilverView Editing now offers a range of options to suit your requirements. Using industry-standard graphic design software we can produce print ready or e-publications that will meet with your complete satisfaction.

Prices are set according to the size and scope of each project but are transparent and based on industry norms. This will be indicated to potential clients during initial negotiations. To discusss any of the above in closer detail or to receive a price plan, please drop me an email.


Previously in my career I identified the need for, and practical approach toward confidentiality. Take a look at my bio and you will see. Whether you are a business client, an academic or a freelance writer, my first and most important commitment is a lifetime guarantee of confidentiality.


The publishing industry is ever-evolving with new technology and methodologies. As a freelancer, I am constantly upskilling, updating and broadening my knowledge base. I train with accredited bodies only, thus ensuring I have access to the most up-to-date and credible methods and systems.

Collaborative Approach

As the client, you are in charge. You will advise on any specific instructions in advance. No matter what field you come from, you will find me thorough, professional and always approachable.

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